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Hi everyone! Welcome to Theme of the Week! This weekly piece aims to shine a light on the amazing musical talent in the gaming industry by picking out a single track that we particularly enjoy and sharing it with all of you!

This week’s Theme of the Week is the amazing piece Nascence from 2013’s Journey soundtrack, written and composed by Austin Wintory.

Nascence was the first piece composed for Journey and it was completed in a single day! Initially asked to compose a summary of the game’s music Wintory revealed in an interview with Polygon the speed at which it took him to come up with the now breathtaking theme.

I walked to my car, which was maybe a hundred feet, and by the time I got there I had it

The amazing solo cello you hear throughout the piece is performed by the extremely talented and good friend of Wintorys, Tina Guo. According to Austin‘s video covering the entire soundtrack the cello section performed by Guo “was never re-recorded even after 3 years of working on the game.” This beautiful string play along with the phenomenal inclusion of the bass flute, performed by Amy Tatum is what makes this piece of music so amazing! It not only encapsulates the player with its peaceful and mysterious sound but also provides a taster as to what lies ahead both from a gameplay and musical standpoint.

You can give the full piece a listen below and if you’d like to check out our full playlist, which includes the previous Theme of the Week pieces you can check them out on our Spotify playlist and/or YouTube playlist.



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