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Visionary, Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter Neill Blomkamp has joined Gunzilla Games as the Chief Visionary Officer for their upcoming AAA multiplayer shooter.

After being founded and announcing a large-scale AAA project in 2020, Gunzilla Games is hoping to create titles that deliver expansive narrative experiences without sacrificing gameplay.

Their currently untitled AAA shooter project is hoping to push the genre forward with a mix of shooter gameplay and an interactive narrative-driven experience.  As a new voice in the industry, Gunzilla is hoping to bring something fresh, and to do this it has assembled a team of veterans each with experience on AAA projects including Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan.


Source: Gunzilla Games: Press Kit


Whilst details on the project are currently scarce it’s clear that despite being a multiplayer game at heart there is a clear focus on an involved narrative. Speaking on the team’s vision Blomkamp stated:

It is [Unnamed Project] creating a new, exciting multiplayer AAA shooter game that pushes the boundaries of gameplay, player freedom, customization options as well as narrative experience within the shooter genre.

Blomkamp’s role in the project has been described by himself in an interview with Screen Rant as a “design team member”, where he will rely on the team to use their technical knowledge to implement his ideas.

I’m seeing how many of the ideas live and get incorporated into the game

In the past, Blomkamp has brought video games to the big screen with Halo: Landfall and Anthem: Conviction, and has also been an avid player for a long time with a particular interest in multiplayer shooters.

It seems fairly clear that Blomkamp was on the minds of the team since the project’s inception with CEO Vlad Korolev iterating that although this project will be a fresh concept, inspiration has been taken from Blomkamp’s previous work.


Blomkamp is no stranger to creating vast Sci-fi worlds


Mr Korolev described the mission behind their company as “make something gamers want” and the social media response to Blomkamp‘s involvement would indicate they’re going in the right direction. Fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement in the new world that Blomkamp is helping to create:



Neill Blomkamp will be joining the growing list of filmmakers getting into gaming with talents like Guillermo Del Torro also expressing interest. With his incredible talent for world-building and a team of veterans to bring it to life Gunzilla Game’s project will be a game to look out for.

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