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After releasing in early access to the public on September 3rd, 2020, ULTRAKILL has quickly become a household name for fans of indie games and in particular those with a passion for the retro style “boomer shooter” genre.

New Sandbox

With Realms Deep 2021 well underway, ULTRAKILL developer Arsi “Hakita” Patala and publisher New Blood Interactive announced the release of the ULTRAKILL Sandbox Update. As the name would suggest, this new update brings the entire game’s sandbox into one place to be used in any way the player sees fit. In a Steam update post, the sandbox mode was described as:

a playground for you to test anything and everything in ULTRAKILL.

Additions to Boss Encounters and More

A new sandbox mode wasn’t the only thing to arrive in this new update though. More long-awaited features such as multiple save slots will now allow players to have five separate save slots available to them at any time. Equally, we saw the addition of boss ability cooldown bars which will, in the words of New Blood Interactive:

allow you to see what bosses like V2 and Flesh Prison are planning to do right before you fuckin’ <DIE>

A large level of quality of life and balancing changes were also made available in the new update with a lot of general changes and bug fixes, but also more specific changes to the games Nailgun and Sisyphean Insurrectionists. All of these changes can be found, along with everything mentioned in this article here.

Layer 5: Wrath


Source: ULTRAKILL – Steam


As mentioned earlier, with Realms Deep 2021 getting well underway this won’t be the last we see of ULTRAKILL as the title is set to show off some exclusive FIRST LOOK gameplay of the title’s newest layer, Layer 5: Wrath, today over on the 3D Realms YouTube channel.

If you still haven’t gotten a chance to play ULTRAKILL and you like what you’ve seen you can grab it over on Steam at 15% off (€14.27) until August 16th, 2021.

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