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Realms Deep 2021 continued its string of throwback shooter announcements with VoidPoint dropping a trailer for the upcoming expansion to its hit 2019 shooter Ion Fury.

New expansion

The expansion will act as a direct sequel to the original game and on top of adding a whole new campaign to the game, the old levels will also be refreshed with the new ‘Arranged’ mode which will refresh the previous campaign with new enemies and items. The expansions Steam page gives us an idea of what we can expect to see in this new expansion.

After defeating Heskel in her previous adventure, Shelly Harrison decides to celebrate at a local bar. When explosions interrupt her tasty beverage, she rushes out to find Heskel in a monstrous flying machine, cackling madly as he rockets away toward a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

Instinctively, she reaches for her Loverboy revolver, cocks it, and searches for the fastest transportation she can find – a sleek and powerful high-speed Hover Bike, armed with Drunken Homing Plasma Missiles. Shelly’s fight against Heskel continues with multiple brand-new zones to explore, new dangerous enemies, new armaments to destroy them with, and some amazing high-speed vehicle combat.

In the reveal trailer, we get a good look at the new weapons and items available to take on these new levels, with the most fun looking to be the new hoverbike, which allows you to whip round levels at high speed annihilating enemies. It’s nice to see that Ion Fury has not only brought back the build engine shooters of the 90s but it also looks to bring back how those games were expanded upon with the most appropriate comparison being the 3 expansions Duke Nukem 3D received.


Source: ION FURY: AFTERSHOCK trailer


Lets get physical.

On top of the new expansion, Voidpoint is also releasing a physical edition of the game, which is sure to be a treat for collectors. The game will come in the classic big-box style packaging complete with gorgeous cover art and hopefully some yet unannounced goodies.

Looking at the reaction to the announcement it’s clear to see that the excitement for both the big-box and expansion itself is at an all-time high.




Ion Fury: Aftershock is set to release this summer and is available to wishlist on Steam now.



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