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Source: SPOOKWARE – Press Kit


This week Odhrán caught up with the development team at BEESWAX GAMES, Adam Pype, Viktor Kraus, and Tibau VDB who have been working on the recently released microgame-a-thon meets RPG title SPOOKWARE. 

Those familiar with the history of SPOOKWARE will know that this release is not the first time the idea has hit the internet. Adam originally worked on the title and published a much smaller version of SPOOKWARE on July 14th, 2020 as part of the Two-Minute Game Jam. Later on, BEESWAX GAMES partnered with DreadXP to publish a bigger, more refined version of the original concept for Dread X Collection 3 and after its continued success, they began to both work together again to create a stand-alone, episode title surrounding the idea.

In this episode of Indie Insight, we sat down to talk about SPOOKWARE‘s development, how it’s grown since its initial conception, what players can expect and much more!

If you haven’t yet played SPOOKWARE and would like to give it a go, you can check out all of their titles on Steam.



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