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Hello everyone and welcome to Indie Insight, the official podcast of Gaming Sandbox!

Indie Insight is a semi-consistent podcast talking with some of the best that the indie gaming scene has to offer! Whether that be sitting down with a developer, content creator, journalist or just amongst ourselves, we aim to hopefully intrigue and enlighten you in this amazing industry we all know and love!


(Left to Right) The Witness, Journey, Night in the Woods


Mixing it up a bit this week Odhrán and Conor were joined by Cally from to talk about the games that moved and inspired us.

We looked at everything from the inspirational pilgrimage title Journey to the visually stunning puzzle title The Witness and the story-driven adventure title Night in the Woods. If there’s a particular title you feel has had a significant impact on your life then let us know by commenting below or by commenting on the YouTube episode linked below!

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