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With 2021’s PlayStation Showcase having come and gone we thought it might be a fun idea over here at Gaming Sandbox to have our team give their opinions on all the new games, remakes and remasters we were treated to. So, we’ve condensed our thoughts on each of the trailers shown into about 2-3 sentences.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Conor Smith – “I can’t wait to finally play this classic and experience the story without being held back by the dated gameplay! I have total faith in Aspyr. Strange decision to make it a PlayStation exclusive, I think.”

Christopher Clawson – “Very excited to see that games that laid the groundwork for Mass Effect get some much-needed overhauling.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes in the future. I played the original a little but got turned off by the dated mechanics so it’ll be nice to finally experience this story!”

Lewis Dupe – “I have no personal connection to it but I’m excited for other people.”


Project Eve

Conor Smith – “Gorgeous, creepy, and with such rich atmosphere in its environments. Not really for me, but I’m sure it has a lot of people excited.”

Christopher Clawson – “I’m not sure what I saw but it looked cool and unique, love the otherworldly creature designs and gore.”

Odhrán Johnson – “The game certainly looks interesting and I’m on the fence as to whether it’d be something for me. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.”

Lewis Dupe – “I have some interest for it but may need to see a little more.”


Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Conor Smith – “Do people still care about Borderlands? Love the aesthetic, though.”

Christopher Clawson – “Yet again visually Borderlands looks great, but I’m sick of its “XD random” humour and boring gameplay.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I’ve played Borderlands once for about 30 minutes and it wasn’t something I could really get into. I doubt this will do much to change that but that’s fine.”

Lewis Dupe – “Not for me but I always appreciate Borderlands for nostalgia purposes personally.”



Conor Smith – “Intriguing and visually stunning. Can’t say I’m that fussed by the gameplay, however.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I’m actually very interested in this. Intriguing story with some cool gameplay elements! I’m just hoping the level design allows for you to fully utilize the abilities.”

Lewis Dupe – “Looks intriguing for sure not a gameplay style I’ve usually taken to but I could be willing to give it a chance after release to see how it fully pans out.”


Rainbow Six: Extraction

Conor Smith – “I never played Siege, but I can see myself getting into this.”

Christopher Clawson – “Been interested in this for a while and I’m loving the focus on tactical gameplay over typical horde shooting.”

Odhrán Johnson – “With Back 4 Blood, World War Z, Aliens Fireteam Elite and The Anacrusis either out or on the way I don’t know how excited I am for this. Could be fun with a group of friends though!”


Alan Wake: Remastered

Conor Smith – “Alan Wake looks no different to how I remember him or his nightmare. Not sure how much appeal this will have unless you’ve never played it before.”

Christopher Clawson – “Oh, that’s neat, glad for those who missed out.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I love Alan Wake and I was already on board when I heard the rumours of a remaster. I hope the game includes the DLCs from the original too! Is the remaster a little unnecessary? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely not!”

Lewis Dupe – “I always appreciate a cult classic getting another chance in the spotlight that being said I will admit I’m ignorant on most of it so initially it was proxy excitement for other people.”



Conor Smith – “GTA V is that game I always think I want to play before I remember how bored it makes me. Yeah, no excitement from me here.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I could never get into GTA V. Granted I’m not a huge GTA fan but I can imagine people are starting to get a bit fed up with the lack of a new entry in the series.”


Ghostwire: Tokyo

Conor Smith – “Looks absolutely haunting. Are those Japanese slender men!?”

Christopher Clawson – “Looks like a blast of paranormal entities with some fun looking magic, loving the creature and world design. It is also interesting to see a setting that is often unused in games.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I’m really looking forward to this. I think the less I know about it the better honestly. I can’t wait to give this a go early next year!”

Lewis Dupe – “Definitely one of the top games of the show for me even though it’s been known about. Its style really grabbed me and I look forward to it for sure.”


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Conor Smith – “Love the character models. Look at Groot – he looks badass! Apart from that, I’m hoping that this isn’t a generic repeat of Square Enix‘s mistakes with Avengers.”

Christopher Clawson – “I love the visuals and character designs, some of the voice acting doesn’t quite click for me but, I’m interested to see how the game plays, fingers crossed it isn’t the Avengers all over again.”

Odhrán Johnson – “When I initially saw the gameplay reveal back at E3 I was a little disappointed and wasn’t too gone on the “Destiny Style” enemy health bars, point damage, etc. but if there’s a way to experience this game without all that visual clutter I’ll be really into giving this a go.”

Lewis Dupe – “Looks fairly alright, just not the biggest into superhero stuff personally.”


Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Hunt

Conor Smith – “Okay, but when is Bloodlines 2 coming out? Sold on the world, but not a fan of multiplayer.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I don’t know. Just doesn’t really look like it’s for me.”

Lewis Dupe – “Didn’t really grab me but I do appreciate the industry switching out zombies for vampires for some more variety lately at least.”



Conor Smith – “Funky Dishonored – I’d be into it if I hadn’t seen too much Deathloop already at this point. That, and I’m still recovering from Twelve Minutes.”

Christopher Clawson – “I’m all in for Deathloop, Dishonoured with guns? Sign me up! I love the aesthetic, it reminds me of a mix of We Happy Few and Austin Powers, just another game to make me need a PS5.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I’m already sold on Deathloop (literally I’ve already pre-ordered it). Can’t wait to dive in!”

Lewis Dupe – “I feel like I’m in a Deathloop seeing it again, I don’t think it’s fair to not want to buy it cause of overexposure and it has always piqued my interest but yeah glad it comes out fully soon so it doesn’t take up more time.”


Kid A Mneisa

Conor Smith – “What is this? I’m sure someone knows but alas … not me.”

Christopher Clawson – “I have no idea what this is but it is intriguing and creepy so I’m in.”

Odhrán Johnson – “I don’t know what’s going on but I’m intrigued.”

Lewis Dupe – “What?”



Conor Smith – “Looks SO adorable. A pure love letter to nature and creativity. Very reminiscent of Alba, Abzu, and Wildbound.”

Christopher Clawson – “I love the look of this, a wonderfully charming looking game with a beautiful soundtrack that looks to transport you to an island paradise. The way this trailer was presented made me feel as if I were watching a Disney or Pixar trailer and that’s a good thing.”

Odhrán Johnson – “Looks cute! Definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye on!”

Lewis Dupe – “One of the highlights of the show for me. It felt way more interesting and while we’ve seen the takeover mechanic in other places I’m excited to see how it can be used in this setting also you can pet a crab; glorious.”


Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Conor Smith – “The Uncharted games are great, but I don’t like them enough to recommend them to other people. Sort of makes me yearn for MachineGames‘ upcoming Indiana Jones adventure.”

Christopher Clawson – “Hot take, Uncharted for me is very overhyped, having played all 4, this collection does not appeal to me, but for new fans, this looks to be a gorgeous package.”

Odhrán Johnson – “Does this really need a remaster? Happy it’s on PC though but I wouldn’t buy it for the PS5 at full price.”

Lewis Dupe – “Cool for people that wanted those games on PC.”


Marvel’s Wolverine

Conor Smith – “Wow. Just wow. Who remembers the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game? Insomniac are killing it.”

Christopher Clawson – “Can’t wait for this! Looks to be going for a more Logan vibe which I’m very excited for. Can’t wait to see some brutal Wolverine gameplay.”

Odhrán Johnson – “Not a massive Wolverine fan but it looks interesting. Still way too early to tell though.”

Lewis Dupe – “One of the shorter CG teasers I’ve ever seen, as much as I trust Insomniac I just really can’t get excited for this cause I know zilch about it and after Bayonetta 3 or Hollow Knight Silk Song or Metroid Prime 4 I don’t want to see games years out from release being teased with logos again.”


Gran Turismo 7

Conor Smith – “I don’t really care for cars or realistic racing games, but the cinematic visuals are impressive.”

Odhrán Johnson – “This trailer makes me feel like I watched a car company’s equivalent of a fragrance commercial. You know, the real dramatic Boss Bottled ads and all that? Still though, nice graphics.”

Lewis Dupe – “Strikes me as more an inevitability than anything, but the graphics were being flexed so can respect that.”


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Conor Smith – “Venom has got to be the ultimate villain in Spider-Man. Who remembers that epic boss fight in Ultimate Spider-Man? I know I never managed to beat it.”

Christopher Clawson – “Looking forward to this! I’m glad to see Venom return to games, last time I saw him was Ultimate Spider-Man although this time he probably won’t eat Wolverine.”

Odhrán Johnson – “Cool, already sold on it. Loved the PS4 game and have yet to play Miles Morales but I’m looking forwards to it. I just wonder how they’re going to add to the gameplay of those two.”

Lewis Dupe – “spicy take time but I’m completely burnt out on Spider-Man media at this point. It’s in our faces constantly and the fact this is again a CG teaser for a game 2 years away (for now) just has my excitement tempered, Venom is a great inclusion though and I’d never deny that (hype will hopefully increase closer to the time).”


God of War Ragnarök

Conor Smith – “God of War has come a long way since its original trilogy. It’s certainly beautiful but, for those who haven’t played its predecessor, this trailer doesn’t give you nearly enough of its story. Why are we now in Norse mythology? You know what, never mind.”

Christopher Clawson – “I’ve yet to play any God of War game but I’m very interested in the new direction the games have taken, with gorgeous visuals and brutally fun looking gameplay. Also awesome to see the underrated Ryan Hurst getting more work, he’s going to kill it as Thor.”

Odhrán Johnson – “Not going to lie, I didn’t like God of War 2018. The combat and camera were such a stark departure from the original trilogy that it just wasn’t a title I could play more than once. That being said I know there’s a lot who really like the new direction so I’m happy they seem to be getting more of what they want. Granted, maybe at least a little aerial combat or combo’s would have been nice to see.”

Lewis Dupe – “Looks great! Definitely happy to see it finally, my one concern is that it won’t change enough combat wise, there have been valid complaints about the first game’s combat speed and while it didn’t bother me too much I would agree that a slightly faster combat speed and a better camera would be the main improvements needed but we don’t know enough yet and I’m still very excited.”


To Wrap Up

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