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Hello everyone and welcome to Indie Insight, the official podcast of Gaming Sandbox!

Indie Insight is a semi-consistent podcast talking with some of the best that the indie gaming scene has to offer! Whether that be sitting down with a developer, content creator, journalist or just amongst ourselves, we aim to hopefully intrigue and enlighten you in this amazing industry we all know and love!


Maximum Action Cover Art


This week Odhrán sat down with the CEO of BalloonMoose Games and the solo developer of the hit retro-styled FPS title Maximum Action, George Mandell. George has been working on upgrading and updating the title since it went into early access back in 2018 and has been modelling the shooter off an amazing amount of action film and game inspirations. In the interview, they discussed what makes Maximum Action the title it is and specifically how the sandbox elements of the game keep the player engaged and satisfied.

You can check our full video interview below.



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