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Recently established indie game studio ThugGames has big plans for its upcoming projects with the head of ThugGames and solo developer on the soon-to-be-released title The Last Defense, Steliyan Kapitanov planning to release at least two further future titles along with a book to help expand on the universe and story he’s hoping to create in his trilogy of games.

The Last Defense, set to release in late 2021 tells the story of how once warring factions of mages set aside their differences in an attempt to protect the Kingdom of Murgaz, which in this universe is the last kingdom standing. Speaking to Gaming Sandbox Kapitanov noted:

The Last Defense is inspired by the story and world of World of Warcraft of which I was a big fan of when I was young.

Steliyan also added that The Last Defense was only “the first piece of the puzzle” and his hope is that once all three games are released along with the book that “all the pieces will come together.”


Source: The Last Defense Press Kit


With The Last Defense being the first of this planned trilogy Steliyan is hoping that the story will be what sets it apart from other tower defense titles.

Yes, it’s a classical tower defense game (as planned) and we want to make it exciting for the player by throwing chunks of story their way, story of this new world that we are creating.

The story isn’t the only major aim for Kapitanov with this proposed trilogy though as he’s looking to incorporate unique gameplay experiences into each of the games by having each title occupy a different genre within the gaming sphere with him already teasing the possibilities for the second entry in the series.

We are still deciding what the next game will be and how we are going to make it, but it is definitely going to be a 3D action-adventure title where you play as each of the mages


Source: The Last Defense Press Kit


Along with this shift in gameplay for the series second title Steliyan is also looking to establish it as a prequel to The Last Defense with the game adding some context as to how the mages made their way to the Kingdom of Murgaz.

The story in the next game will be the moments before the mages realized that the world is under attack, how they find out and how did get to the Kingdom of Murgaz.

For those wanting to try out The Last Defense before its release, there is already a demo available on Steam to try out. Alongside this, ThugGames will also be launching a Kickstarter on November 10th, 2021 to help fund the final stages of the project.

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