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Kingdom Two Crowns, developed by Stumpy Squid, Fury Studios and Coatsink and published by Raw Fury will be receiving a brand new expansion pack, Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands on November 16th, 2021.

Set in the Scandinavian region, this new update will allow players to experience a “premium Viking campaign.” In a Steam post, the development team welcomed the timing of this new update:

Norse Lands comes as a big moment for us. Living and working in Sweden the Scandinavian spirit runs strong. Its cultural heritage for survival and exploration felt like such a natural fit as we continued to explore new settings and cultures for the game.


Source: Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands | Become the Jarl of Legends | Available 16 November


Along with the announcement of Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands release date, the DLC will also be accompanied by a free update that aims to improve the overall gameplay experience of Kingdom Two Crowns based on player feedback. Some of these updates include:

  • A new Citizen House that once built will offer a camp with new citizens in exchange for coins.
  • Improved job performance for citizens.
  • There have been changes made to combat elements like enemy waves, decay, unit balance and much more receiving various improvements.



Whilst the DLC might still be two weeks away you can check out the demo for the expansion on Steam right now.

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