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After arriving on Steam on October 21st, 2020, Beyond The Wire today launched its third operation called Operation III: Canada’s 100 Days. From 12PM PT today all players that booted up the game were treated to a brand new faction, two new maps and various new weapons.

New Faction

Operation III: Canada’s 100 Days, of course, includes the addition of the Canadian Expeditionary Force with Early and Late War variants. However, this new faction isn’t the only new addition added to the game’s factions as Early War variants have been added for the German Empire, British Expeditionary Force and the French Republic. Alongside this, to help increase the game’s authenticity new equipment pieces and character models have been added to the game as well as the first iteration of the Jäger Regiment.




New Weapons

As mentioned a load of new weapons were added to Beyond The Wire in this brand new update too. Those weapons include:

  • 2nd Model Hand Ejector
  • BAR M1918
  • Berthier 1907/15
  • Hotchkiss 1914
  • Karabiner 98 AZ
  • M1895 “Potato Digger”
  • Modele 1897 75mm cannon
  • MP-18
  • Ross Rifle Mk. III
  • Ross Rifle Mk. III Sniper Variant


Source: Beyond The Wire – Presskit


New Maps

Alongside all this new content is the two brand new maps now featured in the game. These include Vimy Ridge, Arras and Vieil Armand, Vosges. Vimy Ridge sees players take control of one of three factions, the CEF, the German Empire or the French Republic as they battle their way through varying biomes such as villages, military fortifications, camps, No Man’s Land and forests. On the other hand, Vieil Armand brings players a completely different experience, sending them to the Vosges mountains. The first map to feature snowy conditions sees the French Republic battle against the German Empire offering players a level of verticality that could tip the direction of the fight in either way.


Source: Beyond The Wire – Presskit


The latest operation also saw a large level of bug fixes and adjustments made to general gameplay, all of which can be found in the latest patch notes.

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