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Inspired by titles such as Hollow Knight and Journey, Souno’s Curse, developed by Kiro Team is a beautifully hand-drawn 2D platformer that launched its first Kickstarter campaign on October 1st, 2021. It has already amassed over €15,000 in funding and when you take one look at the visual style and gameplay it becomes abundantly clear why.

Fantastically Inspired And Creative

The inspiration of Hollow Knight is made immediately clear with the large gothic-style interiors and the influence of Journey is seen not only in the presentation of the main character but also in the presentation of outdoor areas, use of a fantastically diverse colour palette and the soulslike resting points.


Source: Souno’s Curse – Press Kit

Not only are those inspirations abundantly clear but they’re also used to create a truly beautiful world full of life and energy. For a 30ish minute demo this is a fantastic achievement and to top it off the music is fantastically composed and helped to sell me on the eerie yet mysterious tone of the game.

Minor Feedback

Whilst I appreciated all the already mentioned elements above, I do have one bit of feedback on the game’s combat I’d like to touch on. During your time in the demo, you’ll encounter aerial enemies that fire projectiles at you. They’re fairly balanced in my opinion as they only take 2 hits to beat and are usually not that far out of reach however, I would love if the developers added a parrying system to their projectile attacks, something similar to Cuphead. I think it could add a great level of depth to the game’s combat system and offer even more interesting ways to blend the enemy types together in combat scenarios!


Source: Souno’s Curse – Press Kit


That being said, I’m excited to see where this project goes and it is safe to say I’ll be picking up the full title once it is fully released. If you’re interested in giving Souno’s Curse a go for yourself you can check out the demo over on Steam and if you want to help the developers of the project you can donate to their Kickstarter campaign.

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