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Games can be stressful at times. Whether it’s the rage-induced panic of a FIFA match or the frustration of messing up at the last section of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Thankfully though, there are plenty of games that offer the complete opposite opting instead to relax the player and present them with an extremely chill time. Here are five of our favourites that are available now on Steam.



Kanso, developed by Dave Sapien hits all the notes of a traditionally relaxing experience even going so far as to notify the player to slow down if they try to rush through levels. With its simplistic line following gameplay and beautiful score, Kanso is not only a relaxing experience but a joy to play through. You can pick it up on Steam for only 1.59.



Knight Swap

Knight Swap is a beautifully crafted minimalistic title that has you well…. swap knights. Both your white and black chess knights will appear on the opposite colours square and the goal is to manoeuvre them using the movement pattern of knights in chess to have them swap places with each other. The team over at Minimol Games did a fantastic job and finding that perfect balance between puzzle and relaxation. It’s currently available on Steam for only €0.79.



The Long Return

Developed by Max Nielsen, The Long Return is a gorgeous third-person adventure title. Filled with amazing visuals, relaxing puzzle play and exploration, The Long Return is an absolute gem for anyone looking to switch off for a few hours and be taken on an adventure. You can pick it up on Steam for €8.19.




Not surprisingly, Omno, developed by Jonas Manke is on many peoples Game of the Year lists after being released on July 29th, 2021. Following a journey of discovery, Omno will immerse you in a truly amazing world filled with charming wildlife. Omno is not only a fantastic game to relax with after a long day but also has a truly heartwarming story. You can check out our full review on the title here. It’s currently for sale on Steam for 17.99.




Who knew that the act of unpacking all your stuff could be made into a relaxing video game? Well, obviously the amazing team over at Witch Beam Games because they’ve done just that. Unpacking is a truly relaxing title that combines the beauty of block fitting puzzle mechanics with home decorating. Not only that but it also drops clues as to the life you’re actually unpacking throughout the game. You can pick up Unpacking on Steam for €19.99.



So, what do you think? Which one are you looking to sit down and relax with first or do you think we’ve missed any particularly good ones? Why not let us know over on Twitter @GamingSandbox_!

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