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Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near your Xbox or Game Pass the last few weeks you will have had trouble staying away from Forza Horizon 5, the latest release in the Forza Horizon series. Known for its unbelievably fun driving mechanics and stunning graphics, up until recently I had never even thought of the possibilities that could have been achieved with the game’s customization options.

Thankfully the amazing Paul Tyre from Thistle’Do Gaming has already produced an amazing depiction of the iconic racers from Mario Kart in the Forza Horizon world. Speaking to Gaming Sandbox on his inspiration to bring the colours of Mario Kart over to Forza Horizon 5, Paul said:

The inspiration came from my love of racing games over the years. The Ariel Atom has always resembled a kart from Mario Kart ever since I was introduced to it in the first GRID game. Since then I’ve always tried to make it a homage to the video game classic.



With Paul having recreated these amazing designs in Forza Horizon 5 he praised the game’s easy to use customization mechanics on the console which he noted tended “to be easier on PC, however it was not a problem with the ability to fine-tune with the D-Pad.”

Having seen the capabilities of the customization options in Forza Horizon 5 not only in Paul’s work but also in the many available paint jobs for the game’s huge roster of cars I can only hope we see a lot more amazing artwork present itself into the long future with this game. Tyre himself mentioned:

I would love to see people embrace the Mexican art culture already in the game. Bursting with colour splash designs very much like the new Horizon 5 special edition controller.

Thistle’Do Gaming which only started on October 24th, 2021 is already making fantastic content over on both Twitter and Youtube and also wanted to praise Gamers Watch Podcast for inspiring their leap into content creation!



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