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On the first rebooted episode of The Sandbox, Conor and Odhrán take a look at Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer, the rumours of a possible Returnal DLC, the concerns over a Mass Effect and/or Dragon Age TV show and much more!



This week’s episode of The Sandbox is hosted by Conor Smith and Odhrán Johnson and can be listened to on Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts & Radio Public.



To get the show going this week, Conor and Odhrán discuss some of the various news that’s been going around the gaming space over the last 7 days. Starting with some discussion about the announcement that Halo Infinite will be receiving new weapons post-launch along with what weapons we’d like to see make a return. Following on from that we looked at a piece published by TheGamer surrounding a new survey that indicated that the majority of Gen Z would like to make gaming a family tradition. With all the talk of a Mass Effect TV show, we took a bit of time to talk about the concerns of ex-Bioware writer David Gaider on how the show would handle such a personally tailored, player chosen story and then we finished off our news section talking about the possible tease for some new Returnal DLC.



This week on our spotlight segment Conor and Odhrán went into a lot of depth surrounding Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer including the amazing pace and feel to the gameplay but also touching on the controversies surrounding its microtransactions and progression system.


Article of the Week

This week on our Article of the Week segment we decided to shine some light on the amazing retrospective review of Sir, You Are Being Hunted by our very own Chris Clawson. You can read that full review here.

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