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So, Halo Infinite is nearly upon us! However, the last few hours before we can all sink our teeth into this brand-new campaign are probably the most excruciating. In the meantime, however, why not keep yourself occupied by checking out this amazing mod which aims to capture what the upcoming campaign could be like!



Zeta Halo, developed by Alex or Infinite Forges is a free, fully playable interpretation of what the creator hopes will be waiting for him upon launching up the Halo Infinite Campaign today at 6pm GMT. Initially what started out as a fun simple way to learn and grow on both YouTube and in his ability to mod and create in Unreal Engine 4 soon became a project he would stream to his growing audience as Alex “wanted to make [something] for the franchise and [Halo] community as a whole!”


Source: “The ZETA HALO Experience” – Fan Made Environment (4K)


Alex told Gaming Sandbox that when designing the short piece, he was aiming to focus

on scale, immersion and leading the player with animated elements like the phantom fly over, the main point of interest “floating tower” and providing a different environmental experience around every turn.

Alex certainly did an amazing job at capturing the wonder and mystery that Zeta Halo and Halo Infinite have been teasing for the last two years. He’s hoping “to see the same or similar amounts of verticality/scale I have included [in the full game].”


Source: “The ZETA HALO Experience” – Fan Made Environment (4K)


Alex certainly doesn’t want to stop at this experience however and is planning on releasing similar projects in the future. If you’d like to keep up to date with his work, you can do so by checking out his Twitter and YouTube. If you’d like to check out the mod for yourself, you can do so by downloading it over on his page.

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