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“We want to ensure that Scorn is the best game it can be. Mysterious, deliciously dark, and oozing with atmosphere (emphasis on the ooze).” That was what Megna, Scorn’s community manager had to say in Ebb Software’s latest Kickstarter update which included a chat with Nikola, the lead 3D Artist at Ebb Software, a progress update from Ebb’s CEO, Ljubomir Peklar and a release date announcement of October 2022.


Source: Scorn – Press Kit


Scorn, which has been described as a “visceral biomechanical labyrinth” is an atmospheric first-person horror title. Of course, the main attraction to the game for many has been its art style which is heavily inspired by the work of H.R. Giger who is best known for his work on Dune and the Alien franchise. This inspiration doesn’t just stop at the visuals though as in an interview with Shacknews on May 25th, 2020, Peklar noted that “The art style was not chosen to be a mere homage to H.R.Giger. It was chosen because it can adequately encapsulate themes that the game deals with – the themes of ever intertwining world of man and technology exalted by erotic desire that Giger so adamantly explored.”


Source: Scorn – Press Kit


With the title set to release in October 2022, Peklar took the opportunity to let backers of the project and fans know that the game is content-wise 75% complete with the remaining development time up until October being used to complete to final 25% of content along with “bug fixing and getting the game ready for the launch.”



If you’d like to check out Scorn you can wishlist it over on Steam. It’s also set to release on Xbox Series S/X and Xbox Game Pass in 2022. I’d also recommend giving the full interview with Peklar and Shacknews a read as it gives a fantastic insight into the games artistic and thematic direction. If you’d like to check out the full interview Scorn’s community manager Megna did with Ebb’s lead 3D Artist Nikola you can do so over on their Kickstarter.

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