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Following the reveal of Super Rare Games’ brand-new publishing label Super Rare Originals, they have announced that their first title to be published will be Grapple Dog by Medallion Games on February 10th, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.


Source: Grapple Dog – Press Kit


I think it’s a safe bet to say gamers love a good grapple hook and honestly, who doesn’t love dogs? Grapple Dog takes this idea and allows you to jump, swing and zip your way through a number of colourful 2D-pixel art worlds. Being developed by experienced game designer and pixel artist, Joseph Gribbin with music by Jazz Mickle and sound design by Damion Sheppard, Grapple Dog throws you into a world of exhilarating action filled with beautiful scenery and tones of life.


Source: Grapple Dog – Press Kit


Playing as Pablo, the Grapple Dog you’ll travel through 33 levels across 6 worlds collecting various hidden collectables, finding secret areas, battling a number of spectacular bosses and mastering bonus levels. Grapple Dog will also launch with a number of in-built accessibility options and will allow players to test their skills with the grapple hook in Time Trials mode.



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