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Super Rare Games, best known for their creation and distribution of physical content for the Nintendo Switch on January 20th, 2022, announced the establishment of their brand-new publishing label, Super Rare Originals. They also revealed that a number of talented indie developers have also signed on as they are set to release a number of games on both the Nintendo Switch and PC.



Among these reveals were five super entertaining and unique titles such as 2D pixel-art platformer Grapple Dog, first-person shooter Post Void, puzzle game The Gecko Gods, spell-based roguelike Lone Ruin and exploration platformer Completely Stretchy.


Source: Grapple Dog – Press Kit


Super Rare Games’ press release noted that there would be release dates for each of the titles soon with info on one of the games set to be announced “very, very soon.” The publishers reiterated that their mission has always been about supporting indies when they started Super Rare Games back in February 2018. They went on to say that Super Rare Originals would be taking an ‘indie-first’ approach as they “believe publishers should feel honoured to work with developers.”


Source: Post Void – Press Kit


Super Rare Originals want to be ‘indie’s best friend’ and support a range of different creators big and small and hope to do so with some new hires such as Supermassive Games producer Tom King, Curve Digital founder Jason Perkins, an internal QA team, and their already established core team.


Source: Completely Stretchy – Press Kit


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