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Tron: Identity is set to release on April 11th, 2023 and it looks like Bithell Games will be working on even more titles featuring the Tron IP in the future.

Tron: Identity

In an interview with D23 Disney Games Producer Heidy Vargas noted that “working with Bithell Games has been an extremely collaborative process. They are experts in all things TRON and they weren’t afraid to take this well-established franchise and create an entirely new world.” Vargas continued, “TRON: Identity is the start of Bithell Games’ collaboration with Disney on TRON-dedicated games. Players can expect more TRON titles to come in the future.”

This news was later confirmed by Bithell Games’ creative director Mike Bithell on Twitter writing: “When you’re enjoying the ride, you stay on the light cycle.” Tron: Identity is set to be a “new extension” of the Tron franchise according to Disney. This new direction will allow players to unlock a brand-new server full of original programs to side with or take up arms against. Presented as a visual novel adventure title players will have the opportunity to solve puzzles and uncover mysteries through Identity Discs.

“Our team is always looking for new and exciting ways to extend the iconic storylines that our fans know and love. TRON: Identity allows fans to immerse themselves even deeper within the world of TRON and interact with original characters and stories – stories that they themselves shape through their own decisions.”

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For those looking to dive into Tron: Identity according to Vargas, the title builds on “the established visual cues and iconography from the Tron: Legacy film. A few things will feel familiar, but you’ll also find something that isn’t found in the existing films or the attraction… our new Grid features trees.”

Tron: Identity is set to release on April 11th, 2023 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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