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While each episode of Telltale Games’ return to the gaming space, The Expanse: A Telltale Series releases bi-weekly we might already have an idea as to how the main story will play out should you make certain decisions. This is in no small part due to all the game’s achievements/trophies being visible despite every episode not being released. We’ve listed each achievement/trophy below but be careful as some of the achievements/trophies contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

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All achievements/trophies for The Expanse: A Telltale Series

  • Urshanabi Hoarder – Complete Episode 1 with all Scavenge Items
  • Data Logger – Complete Episode 1 with all Data Logs
  • Captain Drummer – Complete Episode 1 of The Expanse
  • Debris Spree – Complete Episode 2 with all Scavenge Items
  • Data Master – Complete Episode 2 with all Data Logs
  • Celebrations are in Order – Complete Episode 2 of The Expanse
  • Grave Robber – Complete Episode 3 with all Scavenge Items
  • Data Recoverer – Complete Episode 3 with all Data Logs
  • Impossible Objects – Complete Episode 3 of The Expanse
  • Data Miner – Complete Episode 4 with all Data Logs
  • The Pit and the Pirate – Complete Episode 4 of The Expanse
  • Data Archivist – Complete Episode 5 with all Data Logs
  • Oyedeng, Kopengs – Complete Episode 5 of The Expanse
  • Doctor Approved – Found a Laser Crystal for Virgil
  • Stogie for Fogey – Give Khan a Gift
  • Drug Gifter – Give the Twins some Medicine
  • Spore Taste – Give Virgil the Mushroom Powder
  • Bottoms up! – Give Cox the Bottle of Scotch
  • Martian Music – Listen to Maya’s Music
  • Thorston Mayer – Discover the truth about Virgil’s past
  • Drone Dodger – Made it past the Drones in the Mines without being caught
  • Brother’s Reaper – Rayen kills Arlen
  • Heal Thy Media – Help Virgil overcome his panic attack
  • Miraculous Maya – Keep Maya alive
  • Khan’s Revenge – Keep Khan alive
  • Call it Even – Keep Cox alive
  • Bosmang – Complete all Episodes of The Expanse
  • Scavenger Star – Find all the Scavenge Items in the game
  • Data Collector – Find all Data Logs in all Episodes
  • No Belter Left Behind – Keep All Possible Crewmates Alive

If you’re hoping to unlock each achievement as soon as they become available be sure to keep up to date with our The Expanse Telltale release date guide.

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