The Ascent: Cyber Heist Review (Xbox)

Indie games have a knack for taking the very best of the gaming genre and condensing them into bite-sized adventures that feel mesmerizing from start to end. Voyage, developed by Venturous is no different. Taking just under an hour and thirty minutes to complete, Voyage presents the player with a stunningly hand-drawn world complete with a relaxing atmosphere and easy-to-learn puzzle and side-scrolling mechanics.

Speedrunning For Freaks By Freaks? – Neon White Review (Nintendo Switch)

Despite some issues with the game’s narrative, Neon White was a unique experience. It offers you high adrenaline fun and fuels you to get better and better at the game until you feel like a badass assassin. The game is stylised and its world is well crafted enough that even once you stop to take in the sights and sounds you are still engrossed in the world of the game.