Here at Gaming Sandbox, we aim to present a range of News, Features, Reviews and Interviews in an interesting and unique way that values the factual content of the article but also the opinion of the writer.

We will strive to ensure that we go the extra mile for a story and provide readers with a thoroughly researched and in-depth experience.

Our core goal is to shine a light on independent (indie) games/developers throughout the gaming industry with a particular emphasis but not limited to developers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you are an indie developer and are interested in getting in contact with us please message us!

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Meet the Team


The guys who started it all and are definitely super talented writers that you should send all your review codes to!

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Odhrán Johnson, Co-Founder


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Conor Smith, Co-Founder



All our amazing people that write for the website!

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Christopher Clawson


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Mike Szoke



Lewis Dupe



All our amazing people that stream all the fantastic indie titles we all know and love!

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Adam Saperia (Tokey McP0t)